Some information

LionsandWitches is my personal and official blog. It is run by me and all by myself!

I currently am a fulltime student but I just finished my Bachelor of Arts in Germanistics and Linguistics. I sing opera, edit books and do a little youtube.
I work freelance as an editor for websites, edit books for two publishing companies and do media presentation for authors and publishers. That basically means that I run their social media and keep their audience informed. Those are the things I do online and in non-virtual life I work in a very tiny and independent publishing house as an intern. My speciality are all things linguistics; grammar, spelling, interpunction and overall text coherence. As an overall project manager I help authors and illustrators to find each other, layout books, photobooks, create the advertising content and design the materials before I send them off into printing. In just a month I will start my masters degree in general linguistics and while I do that I will be writing. I’m a writer by default because there is basically nothing else I can do more or less properly.

Besides this blog I will be much more active on my youtube channel. With Hannah and Anton I will post booktube videos both in English and German and some other helpful and thoughtful videos to.

I sing opera on an amateur level and am very hopeful to be studying it in two years and after my Masters degree.

I’m a geek and a nerd and am part of some of the loveliest internet communities. Among them all the first I joined before I even finished school: Nerdfighteria since 2009. I am very fond of the creating and performing arts, and science, because science.

Welcome and have a look around. I’d love to get some feedback and am very fond of exchange.

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Witches walk devious paths.


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